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The list that follows contains the doctrines that we follow. Click on the title to jump to that section or scroll down to read all of the sections.
1. The Family of God 10. Water Baptism
2. God The Father 11. Laying on of Hands
3. God The Son 12. The Gospel and the Kingdom of God
4. The Bible 13. The Ten Commandments
5. The Holy Spirit 14. The Weekly Sabbath
6. The Church of God 15. Annual Feasts and Holy Days
7. Salvation 16. The Ressurections
8. Faith 17. Eternal Judgement
9. Sin and Repentance 18. Tithing
God is the immortal, eternal sustainer and controller of the universe, and is composed of spirit. God is a family consisting of God the Father and God the Son.  God’s purpose is to increase His family by sharing His magnificent glory through His power and His plan for mankind throughout eternity.  God the Father sent Jesus the Christ to reveal the Father’s love and His wonderful plan of salvation for all mankind which He individually calls His will when they are most likely to receive the calling.  He grants repentance and through the power of the Holy Spirit begets each individual as a child of God with the potential fo being born again into an immortal spirit being.  He continues to be merciful and blesses the overcomers by hearing and answering prayers.
Scriptural References:
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God the Father has all power and authority over the universe.  He accomplishes His will through the power of His Holy Spirit.  God the Father directly calls each individual to salvation and  grants repentance, then imparts the Holy Spirit as a begettal so the individual becomes a child of God with the opportunity of becoming born again into an immortal being into the family of God.  God the Father shares all that He has with His son, Jesus the Christ, yet the Father is greater than the son.  He sent His son to reveal the Father’s love and magnificent plan of salvation.
Scriptural References:
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God the Son has always existed with God the Father.  Before His human birth, He revealed Himself to the patriarchs of the Old Testament with various names and titles.  All things were created by God the Father through God the Son.  He willingly gave up His position in the God Family where He had all majesty, power, and glory and became flesh and blood born of the virgin Mary.  He was then subject to the same temptations as every human being thereby becoming our righteous judge.  He gave Himself as a sacrifice and bore the shame, humiliation, and agony of the crucifixion that through His own body an attonement for the sins of all mankind was effected even though He was without sin.  After being in the grave three days and three nights, He was resurrected and restored to a life of a diving spirit being through the power of God the Father.  He ascended to Heaven to be seated on the right hand of God the Father and his mankind’s High Priest and mediator with the Father.  God the Father made Jesus the Christ head of the Church.  Jesus will return to the earth with power and glory to establish the kingdom and government of God here on earth, which was the main thrust of His preaching.
Scriptural References:
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Through His divine inspiration, the Word of God was written by the servants of God throughout church history.  The Bible contains His Holy Days, Laws of Love, and His plan of salvation revealed in the Old and New Testaments as a guide to Christian living for the Body of Christ
Scriptural References:
Deut 11:1, 21 Psa 12:6-7 Psa 19:7-11 Luke 4:4 2Tim 3:16-17  2 Pet 1:20-21
The Holy Spirit is the power by which God accomplishes His work through His will.  It is a gift that is freely given to the repentant empowering the mind to understand the spiritual things of God.  The Holy Spirit begets an individual to have power to overcome sin and leads to truth and eternal life.
Scriptural References:
Gen 1:2  John 7:37-39  John 14:26  Acts 1:8  Acts 2:38  Acts 8:15-17  I Cor 2:10-15  Rom 8:9-14  Eph 1:13-14   Jas 1:17-18  2 Tim 1:6-7
The Church is described as the body of Christ and is made up of those who have repented and accepted the sacrifice of Jesus the Christ, and have been baptized and received the Holy Spirit of God.  There is only one spiritual body of Christ, but it is not limited to any one work or human organization.  Each spiritual part of the body of Christ will show forth the fruits of the Holy Spirit, carry His name, and keep the Commandments and Holy Days.  The Church is to teach people to love God and their neighbors, to preach repentance and salvation through Christ, to spiritually “feed the sheep” by continually teaching them God’s ways, and to preach the good news of the coming kingdom and government of God in preparation for the return of Jesus the King of kings to this earth.  The church ministry is a call to serve God’s people through edifying, teaching, and serving the spiritual needs of the members and providing leadership.  Ministers are ordained by the laying on of hands, and instructed not to be overlords but lead with love.
Scriptural References:
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God the Father is bestower of the gift of salvation. God saves us from the penalty of sin; the penalty being eternal death.  Through the blood of His son and acceptance of His sacrifice, each individual can be reconciled to God and have his or her sins completely forgiven and forgotten.  The process involves God the Father doing the calling, repentance and baptism of the sinner, laying on of hands to receive the Holy Spirit, and then walking in newness of life, living by faith and in harmony with God’s word which leads ultimately to being born into the Family of God.
Scriptural References:
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Faith is knowing that God exists and that He has the power to accomplish His will and fulfill His promises.  Faith is required for salvation and is a gift from God.  Faith is being assured the things expected of God will happen.  The end result of faith and works is salvation of the soul.
Scriptural References:
Heb 11:1-6  Rom 4:20-21  Phili 1:6  Rom 10:17  Rom 1:17 Jas 2 :14-26 Jas 5:13-16  Eph 2:8-10  IPet1:9
Sin is the transgression of God’s laws.  All have sinned. Repentance is acknowledging our sins
And it is our first step in reconciliation with God.  God opens the mind to truth and does the drawing and leading toward repentance.  True repentance moves an individual to confess to God and ask forgiveness through the sacrifice and blood of Christ.  The fruits of repentance produce a changed person not following former ways but having a deep desire to keep God’s ways.  All people of every race are to bring forth fruits of repentance and repent of sins, be baptized, and change.
Scriptural References:
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After true repentance and acceptance of Christ’s sacrifice for remission of sins, the ceremony of total immersion in water is an ourward sign that the sinner has repented and symbolizes the old self being buried with Christ and then raised up a new person.
Scriptural References:
Acts 2:38  Matt 3:13-16  Matt 28:19-20  Col 2:11-12  Rom 6:3-6
The laying on of hands is a special ceremony performed by elders of the church for receiving certain blessings from God; receiving the Holy Spirit after water baptism, stirring up the Spirit during an ordination, for blessing little children, for healing, special marriage ceremony blessing and for other special blessings.
Scriptural References:
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The gospel is the good news of the coming Kingdom of God on this earth.  The gospel is the message about Jesus and what He did on the earth, what He is doing now, and what He is going to do in the future.  The Kingdom of God is the government of the family of God.  It is a future world-ruling government to be set up by Christ at His return.  Jesus will be King of kings and Lord of lords with the saints, the spirit children of God, in positions of kings and priests and ruling with Him.  They shall rule one thousand years with Chirst during the restoration of the earth.  When God the Father brings the new Jerusalem from Heaven, He will dwell with His people in the New Heavens and New Earth being the Majesty above all powers, and of His spiritual kingdom there will be no end.
Scriptural References:
Matt 24:14  Acts 13:32-33  Heb 11:16  1Cor 15:50-53  Rev 2:26  Rev 5:10  Rev 21:1-4  Rev 17:14  Dan 7: 27  Rev 20:6-7
The Ten Commandments, spoken by the Lord God Himself to Israel at Mt. Sinai, are God’s royal laws of love showing all mankind how to express love toward God and fellowman.  They existed before their pronouncement at Mt. Sinai.  Obedience to them brings blessings, and disobeying them brings curses.  Keeping them is doing our part of the covenant with God proving to Him that we love Him and want to receive the blessing of eternal life.  If we say we know Him and love Him, and keep not His commandments, we are liars and the truth is not in us.  Final judgment upon the earth comes because of disobedience to the laws of  God.  The whole duty of man is to fear God and keep His laws.
Scriptural References:
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The Sabbath day is the seventh day of the week, commonly known as Saturday.  It is a memorial of the Creation and a sign between God and His people.  Today it is a holy day of worship and assembling together of God’s people for instruction and fellowship.  It is observed from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.  It is the fourth commandment and we are reminded not to forget it.  Jesus is Lord and Master of the Sabbath day which was made for man.  Jesus showed it is right to do good on the Sabbath, and we are to rest from labor and secular business.  The apostles observed it and taught Christians to keep the seventh-day Sabbath.  God will honor the Sabbath keeper and covenant keeper.
Scriptural References:
Gen 2:1-3  Ex 31:13   Ezek 20:12  Heb 4:4-10  Ex 20:8-10  Mark 2:27-28  Luke 4:16  Acts 17:2  Isa 56:6-7
God’s Annual Feasts and Holy Days were ordained to be proclaimed and observed by Hisp people.  They are Feasts unto the Lord.  They were observed during Old Testament times and apostolic times;  they are to be observed by everyone and shall be observed by His people after the return of Jesus to the earth.  They are also called the statutes of God and picture His plan of salvation for mankind and warn us of things to come.
Scriptural References:
Lev 23:1-44  Matt 26:17-18  1 Cor 5:7-8  John 7:37  Acts 2:1  Acts 20:16 Acts 18:21  Acts 27:9  Zech 14:16-19
This is the hope of all mankind and one of the promises to all Christians.  There will be a resurrection of both the just and unjust.  The order of the resurrections; Christ the first fruit from the dead, then those that are His at His return.  The rest of the dead live not until after the thousand year reign of Christ on this earth has expired, and they will all be taught of God.  In the final resurrection all graves will be opened and those found written in the book of life will receive eternal life.
Scriptural References:
Dan 23:2-3  Titus 1:2  Rom 6:5  1Cor 15:22-23  1Cor 15:51-52  Rev 20:5 John 6:44-45  John 5:25-29  Rev 20:13-15
Now is the time of judgment beginning at the house of God and the end of those that obey not the gospel of God will be determined at their time of judgment.  After the on thousand-year reign of Christ and when it is the end of this present world, the angels will go forth and gather all the wicked  from among the just and cast them into the furnace of fire.  All those whose names are not recorded in the book of life will be cast into the lake of fire.  The unrepentant will be burned up with fire (eternal punishment not eternal punishing) which is the second death from which there is no resurrection.
Scriptural References:
1Peter 4:17-19 Isa 1:28-31 Mal 4:1  Matt 13:49-50  Heb 10:26-27  Rev 20:15  Rev 21:8  Matt 10:28  1Cor 11:31-32
Tithing is an act of worship.  The obedience of the law of tithing is a private matter between the individual and God.  The church does not enforce or police tithing, but teaches tithing as an integral part of God’s laws for mankind.  Each individual has the obligation of giving to the church the tenth of his or her increase that belongs to God.  The calculation of God’s tithe is left to the individual who has to figure out what his or her increase is.  Tithing is not the only way God uses to finance His work; He also requires freewill offerings.
Scriptural References:
Numbers 18:21-32  Deuteronomy 14:22  Malachi 3:8-10  Matthew 6:21  Matthew 23:23  11 Corinthians 9:7